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Calibration laboratory accredited ISO/IEC 17025

Calibration laboratory accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 LAT. N. 277T.

With great satisfaction G2 MISURATORI S.r.l. obtained in March 2019 the coveted UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 certification of its Metrological Laboratory.

Following a strict examination conducted by the ACCREDIA inspectors, the Laboratory has satisfied all the requirements prescribed by the standard, including:

the calibration electronic bench, for meters with sizes from DN15 to DN50, with moving piston by a nominal diameter of 520mm, managed by a management and control software, which allows to control the bench, its instruments and calibrations.

the environmental conditioning system designed to guarantee optimal conditions as prescribed by the relevant legislation.

instruments for monitoring environmental conditions (temperature, air, etc.), for example the certified thermometer fitted on the test bench (always active, but with recordings made only during calibration). All the instruments used inside the Laboratory (environmental thermometer, ramp entry / exit thermometers and ramp entry / exit pressure gauges, etc.) have been suitably calibrated by LAT laboratories of relevance size against ACCREDIA primary samples, as reference.

the Linux Server that stores on each test bench the related recordings which can be consulted on the screen.

The operation of the calibration bench is based on the principle of "comparison by volume", where a calibrated "plunging" piston, appropriately sized and calibrated, driven by a servomotor, has the water flowing inside the circuit on which they are mounted a series of meters to be calibrated.

Through the movement of the piston, the amount of water necessary to calibrate the meters is entered into the ramp based on the number of pulses defined by the "control plans" compiled for testing the instruments. Subsequently, the machine is able to calculate the reference volume passed within each individual meter and to calculate the percentage error of each counter based on the pulses received by the photocells located on each of them. During the calibration the monitoring of the parameters (displacement, volume, speed, water temperature and water pressure etc.) is done for the entire duration of the test, by means of a very high-resolution angular encoder that detects the revolutions of the motor rotation.

The Laboratory, whose calibration certificates are provided with an LAT identification number and therefore with legal validity, is available both for checks and calibrations on meters subject to disputes, and for homologation practices, for example according to the MID 2014 / 32CE, ISO 4064.

Download the accreditation certificate