Water meters, heat meters and radio remote reading systems, smart meters.
Wireless solutions IOT: radio applications.


G2 misuratori, located in Italy, obtained the Environmental Management System certification ISO 14001:2004 for the design, manufacture and testing of water and heat meters.
G2 misuratori addressed the ecology issue by an Environmental Management System to fulfill the ever growing attention to the environmental subjects; under this aim, a series of strategic, operational and innovative solutions were found, and therefore the main objectives within the Environmental Management System are:

  • identify, number and manage the environmental issues in relation to the company activity, according to all applicable laws, norms and regulations;
  • ensure that our production and our operational procedures do not harm worker, consumers and public health;
  • constantly improve the environmental performances: minimise and differentiate waste management , reduce gas emissions, lower consumption of energy, gas, and water;
  • apply procedures for packaging, transport, waste of raw material, in the aim of recycling;
  • analize all chances of enviromental incidents that might occur, and consequently apply all the actions needed to prevent and reduce the same;
  • provide information, motivate and make workers aware, within the company, through a close-up training, so that each staff member is made aware of his own responsability to the environment and keep it in mind when working;
  • active communication management towards external stakeholders (suppliers and clients) through the company website on internet;
  • promote our suppliers, contractors, third parties, to apply an environmental management system, or at least any procedure to improve their own environmental performances.