Water meters, heat meters and radio remote reading systems, smart meters.
Wireless solutions IOT: radio applications.

G2 Colombia


G2 misuratori has been awarded with the Quality Management System Certificate in 1998 for the manufacturing of water meters ISO 9002:1994. In July 1999 this recognition was extended to the design as well ISO 9001:1994.

Finally in November 2003 the quality management system was updated according to the new Vision legislation ISO 9001:2000 and in October 2009 according to the ISO 9001:2008.

The company has therefore arranged for a Quality System Management organised in procedures according to the International Legislation ISO 9001:2008 requirements; the company is strongly committed to continually update and improves this.

All the procedures are managed according to the Legislation requirements and their interactions are explained by a detailed scheme. All these documents and procedures are mentioned in each section of the quality system manual.

The main company procedures are:

  • data acquisition and control of client requirements;
  • product design if applicable;
  • production and control.

In addition to the above, other procedures ar: planning and control on the production, maintenance and management of measuring devices, supply.

The company managing is achieved by the management process (which includes management control, personnel at complete disposal, managing of all the documents) and by the improvement process ( including the management of non conformity products, complaints and all the analisys and improvement systems as per the chapter 8 according the legislation ISO 9001:2008.